Starbucks You Are Here Kunming mug

You Are Here – Kunming

Starbucks You Are Here – Kunming – is one of 23 Chinese mugs released in September 2017.
Kunming is the modern city and transportation hub located on an elevated plateau (6,234 feet – 1,900 metres) on the south of China. It has a temperate year-round climate.
Noticeable point of interest from the mug:
– Green Lake Park – established in the 17th century with the most famous building on the lake – Jiang Wu Tang.
– The Stone Forest or Shilin – amazing rock formation which looks like trees growing from the ground, hence the name. It is located 1 hour drive from Kunming
– Dian Lake – a large lake a.k.a. “Sparkling Pearl Embedded in a Highland”

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