Starbucks You Are Here Oktoberfest mug

You Are Here – Oktoberfest

There were some rumors about this mug coming, yet the release of Starbucks You Are Here – Oktoberfest has caught me by surprise. Thanks to a friend, here are some exclusive photos from which you can see that the new mug has all the elements from five Oktoberfest Icons combined in one!
This includes:
– Lederhosen and Dirndl (traditional costumes worn in Austria and Germany)
– The Bavarian pretzel which is a classic Oktoberfest snack (makes good pair with beer!)
– Beer and Würstl (Bavarian sausages) is another inseparable pair and symbol of the festival
– Krinoline which has been present at the Oktoberfest since 1924. This is some sort of carousel which turns along with the live music played by the Krinoline orchestra!
– Giant Oktoberfest Ferris Wheel has become a landmark of the festival after introduction in 1979

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