Starbucks You Are Here Orléans mug

You Are Here – Orléans

In an attempt to review all of the YAH releases by the end of this year, let me present Starbucks You Are Here Orléans mug to you. Orléans is a city in north-central France, not far from Paris. It was an important trade port for ages, thanks to its location on the river Loire, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean. You can see the waters of Loire across the mug (in the lower part).
Another interesting fact is that Orleans was the capital of the Kingdom of France during the Merovingian period and played an important role in the Hundred Years’ War, specifically in the siege of Orleans. You can see the statue of Joan of Arc on the front of the mug. She is a well-known historical figure, a patron saint of France honored as a defender of the French nation during the said siege.
The biggest part of the design of the mug is dedicated to the architecture of the city. You can see the Orléans Cathedral on the back. It is a Roman Catholic church that is now the seat of the Bishop of Orléans. The Cathedral was originally built between 1278 and 1329. It was later rebuilt between 1601 and 1829, after being partially destroyed during the French Wars of Religion.

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