Starbucks You Are Here Oslo mug

You Are Here – Oslo

I was about to add this mug into rumors section as I heard it’s coming soon. However, just one day later, pictures of it hit the Facebook. Oslo is the first mug (I hope) from You Are Here series released for Norway. As per official Norway facebook page, the mug is already available in stores as of today. The price is 175 NOK (Norwegian Krones) or $21, which makes it pretty expensive. Ebay prices are pretty high as well, but will go down in upcoming days (check the links from below).
These are landmarks I was able to identify:
Royal Palace – a 19th century building which served as the residence of the King Charles III of Norway (king of Norway and Sweden at that time).
Briskeby Line – the first electric tramway line in the Nordic Countries. It was opened on March 2, 1894 as a single track line. Four years later the second track was added. It is the part of Oslo Tramway and runs from Jernbanetorget westwards through the city center of Oslo.
Vigeland Museum
– Viking ships, skis, hockey rink, mountains and Oslo downtown skyline.

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