You Are Here – Warsaw

I somehow missed to add You Are Here – Warsaw mug to the site, even though it was released quite some time ago – in October 2018! And thanks to an attentive reader of this blog, the capital of Poland makes it’s appearance here. Anyway, here are some items from the mug:
– The Royal Castle has served as the official residence of the Polish monarchs for centuries. It is located in the Castle Square, at the entrance to the Warsaw Old Town. Unfortunately what we see is not an original building but reconstruction, after the castle was almost completely destroyed during World War II.
– King Sigismund’s Column originally erected in 1644, was also destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising. The bronze statue from the top of the column has survived while being heavily damaged. It was installed on a newly rebuilt column after the restoration.
– Palace of Culture and Science built-in 1955 is still the tallest building in Poland.
– The Mermaid of Warsaw can be seen on the city’s coat of arms and other places, as a symbol of Warsaw.

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