Starbucks You Are Here Wroclaw mug

You Are Here – Wroclaw

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Starbucks You Are Here – Wrocław has also been released past weekend. It makes it the fifth Poland YAH (not counting the Christmas version). Is it me or the latest YAHs are all pretty nice looking, at least the colors used are brighter? I think this is great, it means the designers are still investing time and effort into the You Are Here Collection, even though it is set to be phased out.
Wrocław is the largest city in the historical region of Silesia and is located on the banks of the River Oder. Throughout its long and rich history, it has been a part of many different Kingdoms (Poland, Bohemia, Hungary, Prussia, and Germany), that obviously left their mark on the history of the city.
The front of the mug shows Wrocław Town Hall (The Old Town Hall) located at the Market Square in the center of the city and is one of the main touristic attractions of Wrocław. There is no specific date when it was built, instead, it was constructed throughout the years reflecting the changes and development that the city was going through.
Other must-see points of interest are:
– Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island), which is the oldest section of the city. It was once an isolated islet between the branches of the Oder River.
– Wrocław Cathedral, one of the tallest churches in Poland.
Tumski Bridge (Most Tumski) can be seen on the left side of the mug. It is a steel bridge that replaced an old wooden bridge to connect Ostrów Tumski and Wyspa Piaskowa. It is now open to pedestrians only.
Interesting fact: the University of Wrocław gave 9 Nobel Prize laureates to the world, which allows us to have an idea of its high quality of education. Wrocław, with a student population of over 130,000 and 30 colleges, can indeed be called a university city.

This photo was also provided by our blog reader from Poland. Huge thanks and credits go to him.

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