Been There – Montreal

Starbucks Been There Montreal mug is finally in town! I have to admit I was wrong about the design of this particular mug. It looks so much better in reality. It looks amazing. I really like it.
The full review will come soon, but for now, I can tell you, I don’t see Notre-Dame Basilica, which I find weird. Nonetheless there are so many other things to discover on this mug. Stay tuned.
As a bonus, the photo of Montreal and Quebec together:
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Been There – Niagara Falls

OK, guys, I was holding on writing about Starbucks Been There Niagara Falls mug since nobody reported it being found in stores. Well, this happened today – Buffalo, NY is where it was spotted. I believe this mug is special, since it was announced under US album on Starbucks Pinterest page, and then it’s US city where it was “released” first. On the other hand, it says CAN14.95 on the bottom (again, as per collectors reports). So, the main question now: is Starbucks Been There Niagara Falls another mug from US cities wave or this is the first Canadian BT to be released?… Read more

Been There – Vancouver

This is 11th and the last preview available for BT Canada so far. West Coast at it’s finest, Starbucks Been There Vancouver mug it is. Please see two sides of this green mug combined in one picture for now. There will be more pictures soon, as these mugs are coming faster than expected.
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Been There – Edmonton

I continue adding previews of Canadian cities from BT collection. This one is Starbucks Been There Edmonton mug. As usual, I am adding two sides in a collage and promise to come back to review the mug.
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Been There – Banff

Like I’ve mentioned before, Alberta will be the biggest in terms of BTs, and we know why. Pretty much the main reason is Banff National Park and therefore Starbucks Been There Banff mug. It is using blue color scheme which makes sense, since this park is all about mountains with snow caps, lakes and skies.
See more details in the picture below. I will get back to it when this mug is officially released and we have photos of all sides.… Read more

Been There – Alberta

It was expected that this Province will get more BTs than others. One of the newly revealed previews shows Starbucks Been There Alberta mug itself. It has “Wild Rose Country” slogan on the front which has been on Alberta’s plates since 1973. Did you know there was a proposal to remove this slogan from the plates in 2014? Apparently nobody liked the idea and it was decided to keep it. More details about the mug will come soon! Meanwhile, take a look at these two sides of the mug in the following collage:
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Been There – Saskatchewan

Starbucks Been There Saskatchewan mug could be a rare find. I don’t see that many Starbucks stores there and it is pretty remote Province. If you have friends or relatives there who’s willing to help, it is time to make sure their contact information is up-to-date. You still have to wait till the official release, since this is only the preview and not real pictures from stores.
Meanwhile, please take a look at two sides of the mug:
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