Been There – Charlotte 2

This is the sixth BT city mug with error so far. With the release of Been There Charlotte v2, Starbucks has fixed the names of the streets on the sign on the front of the mug. Instead of “Tyron st.” and “Trader st.”, which is wrong, it now says “Tryon st.” and “Trade st.” So again, we see two errors on the same mug. Nice job, Starbucks.
As for the intersection itself, it splits Charlotte Center City (a.k.a Uptown) into four neighborhoods.… Read more

Been There – Charlotte

Here’s Starbucks Been There Charlotte mug – the photo is real, but the mug is yet to be found in stores. From what I understand, this is a sneak peek directly from production factory. So, please monitor your stores, Charlotteans, and share real pictures with us, when you see it.
Update from 2018-07-10: our reader Candace (see comments), pointed out that the street names on the sign on the front of the mug are misspelled. It says “Tyron st.” and “Trader st.”, while it should be “Tryon st.” and “Trade st.”.… Read more

You Are Here Ornament – Charlotte

New addition to US You Are Here Ornament family – Charlotte. I heard there will be many more releases this year so no surprise.
This mini mug is already available on Ebay – mug sellers are pretty quick these days. Well, where there is demand there will be supply. Don’t expect them to sell at cost, though.… Read more

Icon – Charlotte

This Icon mug came from Charlotte, Usa. Red is used as its theme color. Center of the Known World can be seen on the front of the mug and Charlotte Skyline on the back.
This mug is somewhat hard to find.
Countries of production: China… Read more