You Are Here – Cannes

It was recently reported that Starbucks issued the new mug for France. This time it’s Cannes – a beautiful town on the south of France, well knows for its international film festival.
Obviously this festival became the main motive for the mug. As seen on the photo there is a roll with a movie film, red carpet (traditionally used to mark the route taken by movie stars), sea shore, yachts floating nearby and big hotels covering what is supposed to look like small mountains.… Read more

You Are Here – Birmingham

This is the recent addition to You Are Here Series. This time it’s Birmingham, UK. From what I can see there are multiple Starbucks locations in this city, so good luck finding this new mug there, guys.
Not sure if there are many international connections through Birmingham Airport, but I believe there is a chance to pick that mug in London Airport, which is used a lot by long flights as a layover.… Read more

You Are Here – Frankfurt

This is the fourth mug for Germany from You Are Here series. Frankfurt is the most important commercial centre for Europe as well as one of the biggest transportational and tourism hubs. If you travel from/to Eastern Europe or Asia you are likely to have a connection in Frankfurt. Each terminal in Frankfurt Airport has a Starbucks coffee shop, so you have a great chance to pick this mug, as well as other mugs from Germany. Tell us about your experience in the comments or in our forum.… Read more

You Are Here – Amsterdam

Starbucks You Are Here Amsterdam was the first European mug from this series and for quite some time, it remained the only YAH from outside of North America. It is important to note, that the original release of 2013 was limited and the mug was considered HTF (hard to find). Three years later, Starbucks released it again with the same design but slightly different shades of blue and grey colors, which was probably due to the different manufacturer of the mug.… Read more

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