You Are Here – Lisboa

I was little bit disappointed about Starbucks not releasing any new YAH recently. I got used to new release every week or even more often. It has been two weeks since my last post and finally they took pity on us. No less than the first Portugal YAH – please meet Lisboa You Are Here mug.
Again we see Starbucks used native version of the name of the city – Lisboa instead of Lisbon, something we’ve seen with Icons already.
Lisbon is the capital and largest city of Portugal with the population of 552k people.… Read more

You Are Here – Marseille

It has been two weeks since the last release from the You Are Here series. This is the post for those who started to get worried – here you go, brand new, shiny Marseille mug. This one is the sixth from France, not counting Christmas YAH. Marseille is the second largest city in France after Paris
I’ve seen pictures of Marseille before at they were always bright and beautiful. It is officially the sunniest major city in France, and it’s really hard to find pics of Marseille in rain.… Read more

You Are Here – Zurich

Another week starts and another YAH is released. I am sure this is just the beginning of the big Switzerland series and this is Zurich (see how many Swiss Icons were there). I really like this new You Are Here mug’s design and colors, hope you agree. I’ve never been to Zurich or even Switzerland, but from the pictures it seems the whole country is the beautiful place to live or at least visit. You can literally pick any point on map of Switzerland and it will be looking amazing.… Read more

You Are Here – Caerdydd

Friday night and new release. Starbucks is filling gaps in the United Kingdom. No, this is not the new mug from England. It just had Liverpool and Oxford released recently. Give it a break. There are other countries in Great Britain waiting for mugs. Like Wales. You heard it right. Please meet You Are Here Caerdydd mug. You might wonder what that city is? Well, since Starbucks decided to use native variants of city names, we have Caerdydd mug instead of Cardiff.… Read more

You Are Here – Liverpool

Second England YAH from today’s release – Liverpool – a city and port in North West England. You probably know it as a place where The Beatles were formed, making it a tourist destination for their fans. I see St George’s Hall – a building in Neoclassical style which contains concert halls and law courts; a soccer ball – Liverpool is the home of two Premier League football clubs, Liverpool and Everton; a horse – the world-famous Grand National horse race takes place annually in Liverpool.… Read more

You Are Here – Koln

I was away for some time and missed to report two new YAH releases that hit Starbucks stores in Germany. A week before that happened, those were spotted at the US military base. Please meet Koln and Dresden. Interesting enough, Starbucks decided to use German version of the name instead of English (Cologne).
Koln is the the fourth-largest city in Germany (after Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich). So far visible elements from the mug are Hohenzollern Bridge and Cologne CathedralRead more

You Are Here – Manchester

Here comes Manchester YAH – the most recent addition to Starbucks You Are Here Series. This is the third YAH from England, set aside London Christmas YAH. I like it’s busy design, though I expected inside color to be dark blue, instead of yellow. But this is my personal preference, I really like blue mugs (like Alaska)
The mug is already available for sale online, see below. However the price is pretty high so far. I suggest waiting a little for it to go down.… Read more

Icon – Monterrey 2

Starbucks Icon Monterrey v2 mug features Monterrey skyline with Saddle Hill (Cerro de la Silla) on the front and Santa Lucía riverwalk (Paseo Santa Lucía) on the back. First released on February 21st, 2017.… Read more

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