You Are Here – Cambodia

Starbucks You Are Here Cambodia is another country mug from Asia. The front of the mug is mostly occupied by Ta Prohm – ancient temple located in Angkor. It was built between 12th and 13th centuries and it is also worth mentioning that the original name of this temple is Rajavihara – “monastery of the king”. It was included in UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992 and is now in pretty much the same condition in which it was found.… Read more

You Are Here – Finland

Not all is lost for YAH series. The new Starbucks You Are Here Finland continues the European Countries release stretch. Designers used all sort of colors trying to describe the wonders of nature from this beautiful Northern country. I think they did a pretty good job considering they had to stay withing general style of this series.… Read more

You Are Here – Czech Republic

Yet another country YAH from Starbucks. It is just about to hit stores, but we already have a sneak peek of You Are Here Czech Republic today.
Elements from the mug:
Prague orloj – The Prague astronomical clock – a medieval astronomical clock located in Prague
– Hockey net, sticks and puck – hockey is very popular in Czech Republic. NHL has many players from that country.
Hluboká Castle – is considered one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic.… Read more

Been There – Canada

I somehow missed to publish Starbucks Been There Canada mug. By doing that I am finishing the Canadian BT series so far (hoping there will be more in the future). As for this particular mug, Starbucks has combined most of the cliches about Canada existing. … Read more

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