Been There Ornament – Massachusetts

Starbucks Been There Ornament Massachusetts comes with sky blue string. There are not that many design elements on the front of the mug:
– “The Spirit of America”, a Massachusetts license plate slogan, initially a tourism jingle during the 1980s
– Boston cream pie is a yellow butter cake that is filled with custard or cream and topped with chocolate glaze
– Trailing arbutus – state flower.
– Basketball net and ball – this sports game was invented by gym teacher James Naismith in Springfield in 1981
– Whale for whale watching – popular touristic attraction from Boston down to Cape Cod… Read more

Been There – Boston 2

Thanks to my amazing reader, I have this exclusive news to share with you. Here’s Starbucks Been There Boston v2 mug. Wait, what? You heard it right – this is version 2 of the previously posted Boston mug. Here’s the comparison picture for you:

I know, these photos are really blurry, but we can still see, that v1 has “Boston Commons” on the back of the mug instead of “Boston Common” found on v2. Ironically this is a very common mistake made by tourists and non-locals.… Read more

Been There – Boston

Starbucks Been There Boston mug has not been found in stores yet, but we again have a leaked photo of the real mug. I will be monitoring the availability of this mug closely just because it’s in my “must have” list.
Update from 2018-05-21: this mug turned out to be v1! See this comparison picture:

“Boston Commons” is written instead of “Boston Common” – a typical mistake made by non-locals.… Read more

Been There – Massachusetts

This one is special for me, and not just because it’s blue, but because it’s coming from New England (since there are no state YAHs from this region, new mugs are always welcomed). Starbucks Been There Massachusetts it is!
Full description of the mug is yet to come.… Read more