You Are Here Christmas – New York and Seattle

Hello muggers. Can you just imagine if there were more US Christmas YAHs than just Hawaii and Pike Place Market released? Well, look at the picture. It’s hard to believe, but it turns out Starbucks had plans for more Christmas YAHs – at least two – New York and Seattle. God knows why these were never released, maybe it was supply shortage or they didn’t like the design. Is there still a number of New York and Seattle Christmas You Are Here mugs produced, sitting in the Starbucks storage? Maybe. Or were those destroyed? This is possible too. I want to believe someone kept couple of mugs for himself. If you know the story, please share it in the comments!

BTW, similar situation happened with Amsterdam and Barcelona Christmas YAHs. Those were rumored but never released. We even had a picture of Amsterdam mug, but I guess it was just a prototype.


The picture is courtesy of Formation Brands LLC which designs, develops, manufactures, and supplies drinkware, tableware and some other products for home and gift retail markets in the United States and Canada.

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