Starbucks Been There Christmas Pike Place 3 mug

Been There Christmas – Pike Place 3

With the holiday season approaching fast, Starbucks delights us with the release of the Been There Christmas Pike Place v3 mug. It looks similar to the last year’s release, at first glance, however, when giving it a second look it becomes obvious that the new mug’s color is much darker, making it black, almost. If you decide to buy this mug online, you need to pay attention, as the pictures might be deceiving, depending on the light. To be absolutely sure, ask for the picture of the bottom, which clearly shows the year. Another, rather obvious, element in the design that can help you tell v2 and v3 apart is a small coffee cup that can be seen closer to the back of the mug (just above the “Home of the first Starbucks” sign). The v2 had a green dot placed on the cup (which represents the Starbucks logo, I guess), while the v3 has an empty circle instead. For your convenience, I made a collage of that part of the mug, you can see it at the end of the post.

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