Starbucks Been There Ornament Mississippi 2 mug

Been There Ornament – Mississippi 2

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As you probably remember, Starbucks released a revised version of the Mississippi mug recently. Now, the same update was done for the mini mug as well. When compared to the first versionBeen There Ornament – Mississippi 2 has the cotton branch removed and some other elements changing the size and the position in the design:

– The guitar moved from the left of the title closer to the handle. Designers used this musical instrument to emphasize Mississippi’s cultural and musical heritage, particularly through its association with the birth and development of the blues genre. Mississippi is renowned as the birthplace of the blues, where African American musicians in the early 20th century, such as Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, and Son House, pioneered this expressive musical form. Utilizing the guitar as their primary instrument, these artists crafted the raw, emotive sound of Delta blues, characterized by intricate fingerpicking and slide guitar techniques. This unique musical style not only shaped the sound of the blues but also influenced musicians worldwide. Mississippi’s rich musical legacy is further celebrated at institutions like the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, underscoring the guitar’s integral role in the state’s identity and cultural narrative.

– I can only see one teddy bear on the front of the ornament, compared to two in the initial design. The connection between teddy bears and Mississippi can be traced back to the early 20th century and involves a significant event in American history. The term “teddy bear” originated from an incident involving President Theodore Roosevelt during a hunting trip near Onward, Mississippi, in 1902. During the excursion, Roosevelt was reportedly presented with a tied-up bear cub by his hunting party, but he refused to shoot it, deeming the act unsportsmanlike. The incident was immortalized in a political cartoon by Clifford Berryman, which depicted Roosevelt sparing the bear and inspired a Brooklyn shop owner, Morris Michtom, to create a stuffed bear toy named “Teddy’s Bear” in honor of the president’s compassionate act. This creation marked the birth of the teddy bear, which became immensely popular and remains an iconic toy worldwide.

– The Mississippi State Capitol, located in Jackson, serves as the seat of government for the state. Completed in 1903, its striking Beaux-Arts architecture features a central dome adorned with the “Goddess of Wisdom,” symbolizing the state’s motto, “Virtute et Armis” (By Valor and Arms). The Capitol houses the Mississippi Legislature and various state offices, embodying the state’s political and architectural significance in its history and governance.

Similarly to the bigger mug, the Starbucks latte cup was replaced with a tall reusable coffee cup.

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