Starbucks Been There – Pennsylvania 2 mug

Been There – Pennsylvania 2

Here’s a long-due release of Been There – Pennsylvania 2 mug. And just to give you some context, the mini-version (ornament) was updated to v2 a long time ago. Similar to that release, Been There v2 brings the following changes:
– “Youse!” instead of “Youze!”. Both are used as an alternative form for “you” (singular and plural) in certain regions of the USA (and some other English-speaking countries).
– “TURN-PIKE” now has the dash in the name and refers to the Pennsylvania Turnpike (a.k.a Penna Turnpike or PA Turnpike). What is interesting, is that the official site of this toll highway shows the logo with no dash. This raises the question, of whether this change was needed!
– “SusqueHonna” was changed to “Susquehanna” – which is a proper name of the 444 miles long river on the East Coast of the United States

It seems to me, that the third point is the only valid reason to have the design updated, do you agree? Leave the comment below!

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