You Are Here – Bern

Starbucks You Are Here – Bern is another Swiss mug released in January 2020. Bern (or Berne, as seen on Icon mug) is the capital of the country, but it was only released after Geneva, Lucerne, and Zurich.
Apart from cheese and mountains, which Switzerland is famous for, I am seeing the following points of interest on the mug:
– The Kornhausbrücke – a stone and iron bridge over Aare river. Btw, not seen on the mug but worth mentioning is the Untertorbrücke (German: Lower Gate Bridge) – an arch bridge built in wood in 1255 and then rebuilt in stone in 1461. It was the city’s only Aare bridge up until 1834.
– The Zytglogge is an amazing landmark of the city. Built in the early 13th century, it has served as guard tower, prison and clock tower.
– The Federal Palace is housing the legislative (the Swiss Federal Assembly) and executive (the Federal Council) branches of the power of the country.

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