Starbucks You Are Here Innsbruck mug

You Are Here – Innsbruck

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After getting multiple messages about the release of Starbucks You Are Here Innsbruck mug, I have no choice but to add it to the site immediately. In fact, it’s not very often we get to see the new mug from the collection that is being discontinued since 2018. Innsbruck makes it the fifth (including the Christmas version) mug from Austria. On a side note, it is 474th YAH, if my calculations are correct.
The mug has a colorful, simple yet eye-catching design which will please the true fans of this series. Here are some elements for your delight:
– skyline of the city with the buildings and the snow-covered mountains in the background, remind us of Innsbruck’s location in the valley, between high mountains such as Hafelekarspitze (7,657 ft), Patscherkofel (7,369 ft), and Serles (8,917 ft)
– the ski jumper presents Innsbruck as a well-known winter sports hub and also signifies the fact that the city actually hosted Winter Olympics two times, in 1964 and 1976 (IX and XII Olympic Winter Games). Can’t miss the chance to share an interesting fact about the 1976 Olympics: Innsbruck was offered to host the games after a series of biddings and a rejection from the city that had initially won the right to host the games (Denver, CO).
– the Europa Bridge spans the Sill River and forms part of the main route across the Alps from western Austria to South Tyrol in Italy.
– the hat and the national Austrian costumes are probably not Innsbruck specific whereas add a nice touch to the design of the mug
– and the last but not least is a pair of the Alpine ibexes. You’ve got to admire the ease with which they climb the sheerest cliffs.

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