You Are Here – Kuwait National Day 2020

Starbucks You Are Here – Kuwait National Day 2020 is the third Middle Eastern mug dedicated to National Holidays. As a reminder, YAE and KSA National Day editions were released last year and I didn’t expect similar mugs from Starbucks anymore.
The design of this new release resembles the design of the regular Kuwait YAH, but with green and red colors prevailing. The skylines on the fronts of the mugs are not identical though. If you take a closer look, you can see the following changes:
– Al Hamra Tower (1,358 ft, the tallest building in Kuwait) – has been moved from the center to the right, replacing Mushroom Towers. These are in fact water towers, strategically placed around the city. Too bad they are gone, I liked them.
– there is another group of towers, which look like spires threaded through the spheres. One of them is a water reservoir, others include a restaurant, cafe and viewing platform. These have been moved to the left a little bit, giving the space for Arraya Tower (984 ft tall)
Since the release of the regular Kuwait YAH in 2016, there have been many new buildings constructed in the city. One of them, NBK (National Bank of Kuwait) tower which was completed in 2019 made its appearance on the front of this newly released mug.

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