Starbucks You Are Here Ornament Amsterdam mug

You Are Here Ornament – Amsterdam

Since these cute mini cups always had a particular place in my heart, I was more than happy to learn about the release of the Starbucks You Are Here Amsterdam Ornament. What makes it even more special, is the fact that it comes out exactly one year after the very last YAH ornament that I’ve reviewed here. The new release has exactly the same design as the bigger mug, obviously, as it was always the case for You Are Here collection. The inside of the ornament and the string are blue.
I have to admit, that the first thing I thought when I got the news is how the Amsterdam mug (full size) was the first YAH mug released for a country other than the US or Canada. That makes me wonder if Starbucks decided to have it symbolic and release Amsterdam as the very last ornament for this series? I really hope this is not the case, as I am now excited to add even more mini mugs to my collection. There are quite a few that Starbucks could release, do you agree?

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