You Are Here Ornament – Belgium

I really expected You Are Here Ornament – Belgium to be released earlier since Belgium was one of 10 Holiday Edition ornaments released last Christmas. Well, better late than never!
This mini mug has a green string and apart from being a copy of a bigger Belgium YAH, resembles Brussels. It features a row of historic houses of different colors on the front and the Museum of the City of Brussels (located in the Maison du Roi (King’s House) or Broodhuis (Breadhouse)) on the side. There is also Brussels waffle on the back of the mug, accompanied with strawberries. We all know that waffles are a pretty big thing in Belgium. There are so many varieties of those, with Liège waffles being the most popular. Btw, what we know as Belgian waffle in North America is a simplified version of the Brussels waffle, that’s I guess why Starbucks chose that option for the design of this mug.

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