You Are Here Christmas – Manila

Since the Philippines has 15 YAHs in its collection, I was somewhat expecting new releases this Holiday season. Surely here they are: Philippines and Manila. And if for the first one we don’t have real pictures yet, You Are Here Christmas Manila is already here!
To be honest I could only find one Christmas ornament below the truck. Again we see waves filled with gold background color as on some other recent mugs. I would call this design very busy, as it has tons of elements.… Read more

You Are Here Christmas – Moscow 2

As it was expected, all last year Christmas YAHs will get second version. Third mug, confirmed with real pictures, right after Paris and London is revealed and it is You Are Here Christmas Moscow. Compared to last year design, Christmas elements were updated:
– Christmas tree and candy cane added
– Christmas light string is stretching over Tsar BellRead more

You Are Here Christmas – Amsterdam

Finally here!!! This time it’s real but it looks different compared to the rumored one from the last year! So technically it’s a second version of Amsterdam Christmas YAH. I believe someone has the first, never released version in his collection, wow!

Alright, so the picture of the mug from 2016 is really small, still let’s compare:


Noticeable differences:
– different place for Christmas tree
– Christmas bows are missing in the new design
– waves are just outlined and not filled with gold color

Another comparison with the regular Amsterdam YAH:


Noticeable differences:
– a tree was replaced with Christmas tree
– Christmas gift-box floating in the water
– a snowman was added close the water

When we get more pics of this mug, we might see more elements which are different!… Read more

You Are Here Christmas – Hong Kong

Christmas came to Hong Kong earlier this year! Meet You Are Here Christmas – Hong Kong! I believe last year Holiday YAHs were a success and Starbucks decided to expand this mug family quite a lot this time.
Again we see solid gold lines outlining same points of interest as on regular mug but with certain Christmas elements added:
– a Christmas hat for the mountain
– flying gift-boxes
You know what they say about gold? The more the better! And I agree with those who say that this new approach looks more festive.… Read more

You Are Here Christmas – Singapore

Look at this beauty. Straight from Santa’s sack, brand new You Are Here Christmas Singapore! Real picture, not a render from press release.
The inside is red, lines are solid and gold. There was a fear they’ve changed the color to silver, see London 2 mug, but it looks like that picture has wrong white balance. The lines on the mug are gold indeed and I have to admit look better than dotted.
Just a reminder, this is a part of a huge batch of Christmas YAHs coming this Holidays!… Read more

You Are Here Christmas – London 2

We’re finally getting real photos of second versions of Christmas YAHs from last year as You Are Here Christmas London was spotted today on eBay. As I told earlier, lines are solid instead of dotted and I don’t really see any other difference. Well, lines alone make it “different” and valuable for collectors. As usual, I suggest to buy the previous version as it is evident it wont be released again.… Read more

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