Been There – Los Angeles 2

Here’s another “delayed” city mug for you guys: Starbucks Been There Los Angeles 2. And yes, it is different from previously posted LA version 1 Here is the picture of two mugs side by side:

The actual misprint is “City of The Angels” instead of “City of Angels”. Way too many errors in this series… Do you agree? It almost makes me think this was done on purpose. … Read more

Been There – Los Angeles

I find new Starbucks Been There Los Angeles mug amazingly appealing. I think blue and orange look very good together and this mug has it all.
Update from 2018-05-21: looks like it was BT LA version 1. See this side-by-side comparison:
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Icon – Los Angeles

This Icon mug came from Los Angeles, Usa. Light Green is used as its theme color. Rodeo Drive can be seen on the front of the mug and Los Angeles Skyline on the back.
This mug is somewhat hard to find.
Countries of production: China… Read more