Been There Ornament – New Hampshire

Starbucks Been There Ornament New Hampshire is 64th ornament from this series released so far. We do know there is also Pike Place mini waiting it’s time, but that’s it. I really hope it wont take long for the next batch of ornaments to be revealed.
As for New Hampshire mug, here are some State symbols from the front:
– State flag, adopted in 1909. It features the state seal with the frigate Raleigh surrounded by laurel leaves and nine stars against a field of blue.… Read more

Been There – New Hampshire

Along with Vermont, I have his neighbour to present to you – please meet Starbucks Been There New Hampshire mug. Again, I had it in my hands and I really liked bright colors and texture.
I’ve combined all sides in this picture:
More details about what inspired the designer will be added to the site soon!… Read more