Been There – Boracay

Starbucks Been There – Boracay is a mug for a small island in the central Philippines known for its resorts and beaches. No wonder that the design of the mug pretty much reflects the following activities, sorted from “easy” to more “adventurous”:
– Flip-Flops (3), Sand Castle (5) – experience full relaxation at one of many island’s beaches. You might choose White Beach for its fine white sand and amazing sunset views.
– Willys Rock (4) – a nice rock in the middle of the shallow water.… Read more

Been There – Bacolod

Starbucks Been There – Bacolod is a mug for the City of Smiles because of its Mardi Grass-like MassKara Festival with a spectacularly vivid mix of dance, color, and music.
It is also a “football city of the Philippines” with its Panaad Stadium which is used for tournaments and sports events. That’s why you see soccer players on the front of the mug.
You might also want to visit Bat Sanctuary when in town. It’s not something you get to see on a daily basis.… Read more

Been There – Quezon City

Starbucks Been There – Quezon City is a mug for a city which was the capital of the Philippines between 1948 and 1976. It was founded by and named after Manuel L. Quezon, the 2nd President of the Philippines, to replace Manila as the national capital. It looks like the main reason for that was to have government buildings further from the bay and hence from the reach of naval artillery.
– An oval frame with the trees on the front of the mug symbolizes Quezon Memorial Circle I believe.… Read more

Been There – Laguna

Starbucks Been There – Laguna is another Filipino mug for a province located on Luzon island.
– Pagsanjan Falls, a.k.a Cavinti Falls a.k.a. Magdapio Falls is one of the major tourist attractions of the region, and one of the most famous waterfalls in the Philippines.
– The horse on the front of the mug refers to Taka (paper mache) – a famous local craft, a toy that can be your perfect souvenir to take back home.… Read more

Been There – Tagaytay

Starbucks Been There – Tagaytay is a mug for a city in the province of Cavite, Philippines. Along with Baguio it is considered to be the second Summer capital of the Philippines thanks to a cooler climate due to elevation. The views of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano Island are landmarks of the city attracting tourists all year round.
Here are some symbols of the city and points of interests worth visiting:
– Ferris Wheel (1) is a part of Sky Ranch – a network of amusement parks in the Philippines
– Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm (2) – a nice stop with a variety of local honey related products including lip balm, wax candles, soaps, etc.… Read more

Been There – Baguio

Starbucks Been There – Baguio is a fresh release from Philippines. The City of Baguio is a mountain city in Northern Luzon. Due to the elevation of 4,810 ft above sea level and its cool climate, it is considered the Summer Capital of the Philippines.
Here are some points of interest and symbols spotted on the mug, thanks to a Facebook user:
– Sunflower (1) is considered a symbol of the city.
– The Lions Head is a statue (2) along Kennon Road that leads to the city.… Read more

Been There – Philippines

BT Collection is making a spectacular appearance to Republika ng Pilipinas with seventeen mugs and four ornaments! And yes, Been There – Philippines is the first one in the list. Are you ready for that?
Here are some key elements from the front of the mug. Big thanks to a local reader, who provided the list:
– Coconut Tree (1) – the Philippines is one of the world’s largest producers of coconuts and related products. Pretty much every part of the tree can be used for something, from the top of its leaves to the bottom of its roots and surely the fruit itself.… Read more

You Are Here Christmas – Philippines 3

New Christmas mugs hit the shelves in the Philippines today. I thought they look very similar to the second version, released last year. However, when I gave it the second look, I’ve realized there is definitely a subtle difference. Take a closer look at You Are Here Christmas – Philippines v3 above and see how the name of the mug, gift box, and candy cane are of the red shade? That, plus the red box is the only difference compared to v2.… Read more

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