Been There – Baguio

Starbucks Been There – Baguio is a fresh release from Philippines. The City of Baguio is a mountain city in Northern Luzon. Due to the elevation of 4,810 ft above sea level and its cool climate, it is considered the Summer Capital of the Philippines.
Here are some points of interest and symbols spotted on the mug, thanks to a Facebook user:
– Sunflower (1) is considered a symbol of the city.
– The Lions Head is a statue (2) along Kennon Road that leads to the city.… Read more

Been There – Philippines

BT Collection is making a spectacular appearance to Republika ng Pilipinas with seventeen mugs and four ornaments! And yes, Been There – Philippines is the first one in the list. Are you ready for that?
Here are some key elements from the front of the mug. Big thanks to a local reader, who provided the list:
– Coconut Tree (1) – the Philippines is one of the world’s largest producers of coconuts and related products. Pretty much every part of the tree can be used for something, from the top of its leaves to the bottom of its roots and surely the fruit itself.… Read more

You Are Here Christmas – Manila 3

Another mug from the Holiday release in the Philippines is Starbucks You Are Here Christmas – Manila v3. As I mentioned in the post for Philippines v3 mug, the box is red and outlines are silver (same as v2), however the name and the Christmas decorations are silver-red.
Here are all three versions stacked together, where you can clearly see the difference:
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You Are Here Christmas – Philippines 3

New Christmas mugs hit the shelves in the Philippines today. I thought they look very similar to the second version, released last year. However, when I gave it the second look, I’ve realized there is definitely a subtle difference. Take a closer look at You Are Here Christmas – Philippines v3 above and see how the name of the mug, gift box, and candy cane are of the red shade? That, plus the red box is the only difference compared to v2.… Read more

Relief Christmas – Philippines Red

Starbucks surprises us with Relief Christmas – Philippines. I used to call them Red Relief mugs, but I just came to the realization that they are all Christmas Editions.
The new, Christmas 2019 mug features mountains, ocean and a cute little truck filled with Christmas presents. I am sure there many people who prefer this design over YAHs. This is a chance for them to expand their collection.
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You Are Here Christmas – Manila 2

Here is the second Asian Christmas YAH spotted online – Starbucks You Are Here Christmas Manila v2. It reveals more details about 2018 Edition as a whole. Specifically, the box will be green this time, as opposed to red one we always had. Also, it’s hard to judge based on this blurry image, but I think the “waves” in the bottom part of the front are painted red and green. Last year these were solid gold. Better quality pics are supposed to come soon and we will be able to tell for sure whether this is true.Read more

You Are Here Christmas – Philippines 2

One might think that all Christmas mugs will get red handle this year, as we saw it with European Country mugs, however it is not true for Asian mugs. Here’s Starbucks You Are Here Christmas – Philippines v2 mug. That green color from the inside of the mug, makes it different from the last year’s version (where it was red). I believe this change is really subtle and Starbucks could definitely do better this time. Anyway, it’s here, and it’s up to you now to decide whether to collect these or not!… Read more

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