YAH Schiphol is now available in stores

It was confirmed by a kind reader of this blog, that Starbucks You Are Here Schiphol is finally available for sale! What you see is a picture of this mug on the shelves of the Starbucks Plaza, located at Schiphol Airport. And you know what is the best part? You don’t have to pass the security check to get to the store. This discovery automatically moves this mug from “the unicorn” to “absolutely possible to get” and makes it a perfect addition to the YAH collection, especially considering it being phased out.… Read more

YAH Schiphol is real

This is an update in regards to Starbucks You Are Here – Schiphol mug, which I deemed to be a prototype that was never released. But, thanks to a Facebook user, it seems that some of these mugs made their way to the store or were gifted to baristas. These new pictures are coming from eBay where it was sold recently. It makes this mug an almost impossible to find item from You Are Here collection.
2021-01-15 update: the mug has been officially released in Schiphol Airport store.… Read more

You Are Here – Schiphol

Starbucks You Are Here – Schiphol seems to be another mug that was never released. It was brought to my attention by a kind reader with an eagle eye. The picture is coming from a promo video that was posted 2 years ago, this is why I believe that YAH – Schiphol is a prototype, and very few of them if not just one were produced. I did spend some time trying to find any mention of this mug anywhere else, but no luck.… Read more