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You Are Here Ornament – Germany

There was a confusing delay in releasing more ornaments from Europe, but today, we finally see the Starbucks You Are Here Ornament Germany making its appearance in stores. Apparently, the releases will happen in batches, so we can expect other minis coming out soon.
All I can add, this ornament is a copy of a bigger mug. The string color is brown, or to be more specific, walnut (I am not a colorist though).… Read more

You Are Here – Germany

We had eleven German cities released prior getting to this one – Starbucks You Are Here Germany mug. Believe it or not, this is the 12th mug from this country.
As for design, this is probably the first time when I can name all elements from the mug easily:
– sun and mountains
– German sausages – there are literally hundreds of different German sausages. Important to note, that sausage names like Bratwurst, Kochwurst, Rohwurst, Brühwurst, Blutwurst or Leberwurst do not represent a particular German sausage, but a sausage type which is made in a particular way.… Read more

Icon – Germany 1

This Icon mug came from Germany. Dark Brown is used as its theme color. Brandenburg Gate can be seen on the front of the mug and Schloss Neuschwanstein on the back.
This mug is somewhat hard to find.
Countries of production: China, Taiwan… Read more

Icon – Germany 2

This Icon mug came from Germany. Yellow is used as its theme color. Castle Neuschwanstein can be seen on the front of the mug and Brandenburger Tor on the back.
This mug is pretty common.
Countries of production: Taiwan… Read more

You Are Here – Groningen

Starbucks You Are Here – Groningen comes from the Netherlands. Big thanks to the blog reader for providing the pictures of this beautiful mug!

Groningen, a vibrant city in the northern part of the country, boasts a rich history dating back to the 11th century when it emerged as an influential regional trade hub. The city’s strategic location allowed it to thrive during the Middle Ages, becoming a member of the powerful Hanseatic League. This affiliation boosted its economic and cultural significance, fostering connections with other major European cities.… Read more

You Are Here – Oktoberfest 2

Just in time for Oktoberfest 2023, Starbucks is releasing the new version of the previously seen mug. You Are Here Oktoberfest v2 is drastically different from the 2019 version, be that the color scheme or the elements of the design.

The Oktoberfest, known as the largest beer festival in the world, is a lively and vibrant celebration that takes place in Munich, Germany. Every year, millions of people from around the globe gather to indulge in the spirit of Bavarian culture, traditional music, mouthwatering cuisine, and of course, copious amounts of beer.… Read more

You Are Here – Metz

A beautiful Starbucks You Are Here Metz mug is joining the collection. Nestled in the northeastern corner of France, near the borders of Luxembourg and Germany, Metz is a captivating city that seamlessly weaves together a rich history, diverse culture, and a vibrant modern atmosphere. Approximately 120,000 residents call Metz home, making it a bustling and lively urban center.
The design of the mug features a great choice of colors. I really like how it looks. The front of the mug showcases Graoully Dragon, a legendary creature said to have terrorized the city.… Read more

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