Starbucks You Are Here Christmas 2020 Glass Mugs mug

You Are Here Christmas 2020 Glass Mugs

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For some reason, I was hesitant to add this trio of Holiday mugs from the 2020 Christmas season to the site but decided that it actually makes sense to include them in the collection. In fact, there was no fair reason to not compare them to previous releases:
– they do belong to the “You Are Here Collection” and the boxes they come in look like other Christmas YAH boxes (see the pics below)
– their design is a revision of the respective city Christmas mugs from the previous years (see the comparison for Paris, London, and Amsterdam)
– there were no other Holiday mugs released for these cities at the same time
– these are 14oz mugs, the same size as other YAHs (see the photo of the bottom of the mug)
It’s worth noting, however, that even though they can be stacked with other YAHs, they are shorter (again see a comparison picture below). I now wonder how they’re expected to fit the same amount of liquid while being shorter? It could be because of the thinner bottom of the mug, I believe.
The main characteristic of 2020 Christmas mugs, obviously, is that these are made from clear glass, and not ceramic. It seems that collectors liked that change, and we can probably expect more mugs of a similar style in the future.
As a reminder, the main drawback of the Holiday mugs is that you can’t place them in the microwave oven. My understanding this is because of the gold paint used for their design.
For a comparison of the respective Christmas mugs from 2017 and these new glass mugs, see these posts: Paris, London, and Amsterdam

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