Starbucks Been There Star Wars Ornament Coruscant mug

Been There Star Wars Ornament – Coruscant

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Star Wars Coruscant Ornament matches the bigger mug, see the full review here.
The string is light purple, and the box is shared with two other ornaments: Jakku and Mustafar.

Coruscant, a dazzling urban planet and the heart of the Star Wars universe, is a sprawling metropolis that epitomizes civilization and power. Towering skyscrapers, bustling speeder-filled streets, and neon-lit districts define its mesmerizing landscape. Coruscant has been prominently featured throughout the Star Wars franchise, serving as the capital of the Galactic Republic in the prequel trilogy and the seat of the Imperial government in the original trilogy. Its vibrant cityscape hides a web of political intrigue and clandestine activities, making it a hotbed of power struggles and conspiracies. The planet’s towering Senate Building, where political decisions shape the fate of the galaxy, stands as a symbol of the Republic’s governance. Coruscant’s significance extends beyond its political and social influence, as it is also home to the Jedi Temple, a hallowed sanctuary for Force-sensitive individuals. The planet’s prominence in the Star Wars franchise has solidified its status as a symbol of grandeur, ambition, and the complex nature of galactic civilization.

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