You Are Here Disney – Magic Kingdom 3 Tomorrowland

If you follow my site on the regular basis, you probably remember my post about Starbucks releasing Disney YAHs for each land from each park. While I can’t tell for sure if each land finally gets the mug, but so far we have good reasons to think so. Why? Because, You Are Here Disney Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland mug has been spotted in the Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom today. The new release features:
The (power) palm trees – planted by the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co.… Read more

You Are Here Disney – each land gets the mug?

In the light of the recent release from Starbucks and Disney, it was brought to my attention that this is actually not the first mug dedicated to a specific Themed Land within corresponding Disney Park. Let’s start with California. If we look at the bottoms of California Adventure 2 and Disneyland 2 it turns out, that the first is based on the Paradise Pier and the second is based on the Fantasyland. I’ve combined these two and the newest Disney mug from California together in a collage. … Read more

You Are Here Disney – Magic Kingdom 2

Did you guys manage to catch your breath since latest Disney releases? Well, no time for relaxation since the brand new You Are Here Disney – Magic Kingdom was spotted online. Still waiting for collectors to report seeing these mugs in stores, but I am sure this is just the matter of couple hours.
Apparently all those rumors about Starbucks replacing the whole Disney range is true. All current mugs are on sale in both Florida and California locations. If you have access to theme parks, I think this is the best time to hoard v1s

Btw, what do you guys think of this new design?… Read more