You Are Here Disney – each land gets the mug?

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In the light of the recent release from Starbucks and Disney, it was brought to my attention that this is actually not the first mug dedicated to a specific Themed Land within corresponding Disney Park. Let’s start with California. If we look at the bottoms of California Adventure 2 and Disneyland 2 it turns out, that the first is based on the Paradise Pier and the second is based on the Fantasyland. I’ve combined these two and the newest Disney mug from California together in a collage. Disney_California_YAHs_Bottoms
Thereby it would be logical to call first two California Adventure 2 Paradise Pier and Disneyland 2 Fantasyland in order to better distinguish the difference. The third mug still has the sticker on. If you have a picture without the sticker, it would be awesome to share with us. I actually found a picture of sticker-less bottom of the new mug.

As for the Disney mugs from Florida, since I could not find good pictures of the bottoms of those mugs, I made 3 photos of the ornaments I have. Why three? Because Disney Hollywood Studios mugs and ornaments do not seem to have this special note about the area of the park.
As you can see from the picture, probably the right names for these three will be Magic Kingdom 2 Fantasyland, Animal Kingdom 2 Asia and Epcot 3 World Showcase. Why is Epcot 3 and not 2? See the answer here.

At the end, the main question is, will there be more “lands” released this year? Will there be corresponding ornaments? I would really like to think so. I believe Starbucks won’t miss this chance. Which land do you prefer to see next? Leave a comment!

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