Been There – Montana 2

The second, fixed version of recently revealed mug, Starbucks Been There Montana 2 is out! As a reminder, the misprint was on the front of the mug. It is now saying “Bitterroot” instead of “Bitteroot”. We can only guess how many mugs with error were produced, and what’s more important, how many were sold.
Update from 2018-05-19: please see side-by-side comparison of the front of the mugs, where the misprint is (missing ‘r’ in the Bitterroot word).
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Been There – Denver

I somehow missed this mug, meanwhile Starbucks Been There Denver mug is being sold all across Colorado. From what I can see the mug is mostly dedicated to wildlife and outdoor activites, which makes complete sense since few places in North America offer such a bounty of wildlife-watching opportunities as Colorado and Denver area in particular. … Read more

Been There – Nebraska 2

Mugs with fixed misprints, a.k.a. V2s, continue coming to the scene. It was last week when Starbucks Been There Nebraska v2 mug has finally been spotted in stores. As you can see, the state motto was fixed to “Good Life. Great Opportunity” as it was supposed to be initially.
Update from 2018-05-19: added a side-by-side comparison of v1 and v2
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Been There – North Dakota

Thanks to a collector, (see watermark), I can finally add Starbucks Been There – North Dakota mug to my site. Again, this is the error mug, so technically this is North Dakota v1 and it’s ultra rare. The fixed version is expected to be released pretty soon, that’s when I will post a side-by-side comparison photo for you guys. But for now, please see this all-sides collage. The actual misprint is on the back of the mug, where is says “Center of the United States” which is obviously the reference to the “Geographical Center of North America” monument installed in Rugby, ND.… Read more

Been There – Montana

Another Starbucks Been There Mug – Montana. This is only the back of the mug and it’s too early to identify elements of the design, but it’s clear that it will be dedicated to wonders of nature and wildlife, which Montana is famous of. Will just mention Flathead Lake – one of the largest natural freshwater lakes by surface area in US. Stay tuned, better pics are yet to come.

Update from 2018-05-12:
This was one of the first BT mugs I’ve posted at… Read more

Been There – Maine 2

Here’s the second, fixed version of previously posted mug – Starbucks Been There Maine v2. People reported seeing it the stores, but are not allowed to buy it. If you plan on getting it, stay alert. My understanding, it’s just the matter of couple days, till you see it officially released.
Here is the collage of all sides. As you can see they’ve fixed the spelling for the mountain. It is now saying Mount Katahdin as it should be.

Update from 2018-05-19: added a side-by-side comparison of v1 and v2
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Been There – Maine

Starbucks Been There Maine v1 is not your regular mug. It was neither officially released nor sold in stores. As you probably remember, certain BT State mugs were designed with misprints. Oddly enough those errors hadn’t been spotted till mugs arrived at stores. Even then Starbucks managed to sold a bunch of Nebraska v1s before someone have noticed the problem and reported that to head office. Exactly at that moment, Starbucks reviewed all their designs and ordered to pull back and destroy error mugs.… Read more

Been There – Niagara Falls

OK, guys, I was holding on writing about Starbucks Been There Niagara Falls mug since nobody reported it being found in stores. Well, this happened today – Buffalo, NY is where it was spotted. I believe this mug is special, since it was announced under US album on Starbucks Pinterest page, and then it’s US city where it was “released” first. On the other hand, it says CAN14.95 on the bottom (again, as per collectors reports). So, the main question now: is Starbucks Been There Niagara Falls another mug from US cities wave or this is the first Canadian BT to be released?… Read more

Been There – Boston

Starbucks Been There Boston mug has not been found in stores yet, but we again have a leaked photo of the real mug. I will be monitoring the availability of this mug closely just because it’s in my “must have” list.
Update from 2018-05-21: this mug turned out to be v1! See this comparison picture:

“Boston Commons” is written instead of “Boston Common” – a typical mistake made by non-locals.… Read more

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