Been There – Charlotte

Here’s Starbucks Been There Charlotte mug – the photo is real, but the mug is yet to be found in stores. From what I understand, this is a sneak peek directly from production factory. So, please monitor your stores, Charlotteans, and share real pictures with us, when you see it.
Update from 2018-07-10: our reader Candace (see comments), pointed out that the street names on the sign on the front of the mug are misspelled. It says “Tyron st.” and “Trader st.”, while it should be “Tryon st.” and “Trade st.”.… Read more

Been There – Orlando

For Starbucks Been There Orlando mug I am using official photos, but let me assure you, mug is out and is for sale online (see below). From what I can see, Starbucks decided to not use themed parks elements here, and it makes complete sense. There is no doubt that Disney and Universal BT mugs will be released as a separate set later.… Read more

Been There – Kansas City

Starbucks Been There Kansas City mug aroused suspicion when collectors noticed that the street sign on the front of the mug should say “E 18th St” and not just “18th ST”. I don’t think this is a big issue and I really doubt Starbucks will replace the mug. Anyway, let’s see how it goes. … Read more

Been There – Atlanta

Starbucks Been There Atlanta mug. I’ve spotted not just one but two radio cassette players on this mug (one on the front and one on the back). There should be some interesting story behind that. Will definitely find that out in my updated post.
Update from 2018-07-09: as it was expected, the delay of the release of this mug was caused by a misprint. See v1 and v2 side by side: it should be “Chattahoochee river” instead of “Сhattahoochie river”.… Read more

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