Been There – New York

Starbucks Been There New York mug is the state mug and not the city as it was in the case of YAH. That’s why we see the Adirondack Mountains on the front of the mug – a beautiful park in the Upstate New York. Will definitely get back to it while doing a full review.… Read more

Been There – Florida

The Sunshine State is presented as the green Starbucks Been There Florida mug. It’s hard to imagine Florida without alligators and palm trees, thus they obviously made their way to the front of the mug. There’s more to discover, stay tuned. … Read more

Been There – New Jersey

I would like to thank Grant, one of my readers, for this amazing picture of Starbucks Been There New Jersey mug. I actually like the color scheme of this one. It is so much better than red BT mugs. Again, this is just my preference and you might not agree with me. … Read more

Been There – Maryland

BT Collection is growing on the daily basis. It looks like licensed stores got them prior regular stores release (March 29). If I was you I would check your nearest licensed store ASAP. And for now, let me present Starbucks Been There Maryland mug. The main color is red and it has quite a few elements placed all around. The full review is yet to come!… Read more

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