Been There – Wisconsin

Starbucks Been There Wisconsin mug is somewhat cute, thanks to that cow on the front of the mug. I also see a little maple syrup bottle. I didn’t know Wisconsin is known for it, need to read about this state more and write my findings here.… Read more

Been There – Washington, D.C.

I really wonder if BTs of the same color will look similar if stacked in the cabinet or shelf. I feel like Starbucks was trying to save on paint… As you can see, Starbucks Been There Washington DC mug is somewhat a sibling of Virginia BT added today as well. So the difference is in the details, I guess.

bt_washington_dc_preview_two_sidesRead more

Been There – Colorado

Starbucks Been There Colorado mug is also blue – it seems most of the recent mugs are of this color. I wonder what will they look like when placed next to each other. Well, we are going to find that out soon!… Read more

Been There – Nevada

Nevada is much more than just Las Vegas and Starbucks Been There Nevada mug has a lot to offer in terms of design elements. Can’t wait to review them all.

Update from 2021-12-06: Nevada v2 has been released. Adding the collage below that compares v1 and v2 mugs.
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Been There – New York

Starbucks Been There New York mug is the state mug and not the city as it was in the case of YAH. That’s why we see the Adirondack Mountains on the front of the mug – a beautiful park in the Upstate New York. Will definitely get back to it while doing a full review.… Read more

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