Been There – Rhode Island

The Starbucks Been There Rhode Island mug has been finally revealed. It was promised to us, that all 50 states get the mug from the new series and it keeps happening, even though RI doesn’t have that many stores. Full review is coming soon.

bt_rhode_island_preview_two_sidesRead more

Been There – Kentucky

Big thank you to m83, our reader and forum user, who provided the photo of the Starbucks Been There Kentucky mug! And since he added photos of all sides, I’ve combined them into a collage:
I do not have any excuse now to not try to identify all elements from it, stay tuned.… Read more

Been There – Minnesota

Another State which never had any mug, finally gets one – Starbucks Been There Minnesota. I actually like it, even though there is only one picture of the front of the mug so far, and it is pretty much fully dedicated to lakes and fishing. Will update the post with more info soon!… Read more

Been There – Nebraska

Wow! Something interesting happened today! I was sure Starbucks learned his lesson after those issues with recalling some YAHs: Wisconsin v1 and Epcot v1 (not to forget non-accent Quebec v1 and Montreal v1) and releasing a second, fixed version. But no, I was wrong. What was revealed today is that Starbucks Been There Nebraska mug has an error in the design.
Look, I made a collage of all sides of the mug. As you can see, the State slogan, above the flag says: “Great Life  Great Opportunity” while the real Nebraska’s brand is “Good Life.… Read more

Been There – Ohio

Another red mug – Starbucks Been There Ohio. I am particularly interested what are those “X” and “O” symbols mean. This is something to ask Google for, or, if you know the answer, please leave a comment!… Read more

Been There – New Mexico

This is not the best picture quality, but Starbucks Been There New Mexico mug is here. There are fewer and fewer BT States mugs to be discovered and I believe we gonna be done by the end of the week. Will update this post with better pics as soon as have them.… Read more

Been There – Michigan

Starbucks Been There Michigan mug has been spotted today in the stores. Again, earlier than official release date of March 27. Looks like the most of the elements from the mug are related to wildlife. Stay tuned for full review.… Read more

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