Discovery Series Disney Ornament – California Adventure

Discovery Series Disney Ornament – California Adventure is a mini version of the bigger mug that I’ve posted earlier. When comparing these two, one thing that becomes obvious is that ornament has way less details in its design. Another interesting feature is that there is “Starbucks” written inside the ornament. The string color is very light shade of green.
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Discovery Series Disney – California Adventure

In my previous post I cautiously suggested that more Discovery Series mugs are coming soon. I guess, I was not wrong, as we’re getting news about new mugs and ornaments from all six Disney Parks.
Discovery Series Disney – California Adventure mug is the first of them that I would like to present to you. I wish Starbucks added the legend of the points of interest depicted on the mug, as it did for the Been There series mug, however this is not the end of the world, as all these attractions are very well known to the visitors of the park.… Read more

Been There Disney – California Adventure 2

Been There Disney – California Adventure v2 follows Disneyland v2 that we’ve seen earlier. I am happy to see both Disney parks from California receiving the revision, and not just World Disney World parks (for 50th Anniversary).
I really like the new design for its bright colors and the fact that all the elements are listed in the legend on the cover of the box. Here are they:
(1) Popcorn is a popular snack in any of the Disney parks. Here’s a hint: using the refillable popcorn bucket might save you some bucks during your visit.… Read more

Been There Disney Ornaments – Happy Family

As of today, all six Been There Disney Ornaments have been released.
Here are the links to their respective pages, in one place, as well as the group photo of them together.

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Been There Ornament Disney – California Adventure

It’s happening! Starbucks has just started onboarding Been There Ornaments for Disney Parks. Not sure what the release plan is, but I will be watching this closely. Please meet the pioneer in this new mini series – Been There Ornament Disney – California Adventure. This cutie is much similar to its bigger brother, but with slightly fewer details, obviously. The string is red, as is the inside of the mug. The box is orange.
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Been There Disney – California Adventure

Alright, so both Californian mugs have been released today. Here’s Starbucks Been There Disney California Adventure which I find to be the prettiest among new Disney mugs, just because I like the blue colors! As you can see, the box is orange, similar to Universal mugs. It is priced at $19.99, which is not cheap and pretty much what I expected it to be. … Read more

Been There Disney mugs preview

Let’s face it, we knew it’s just a matter of time till Starbucks replaces Disney YAHs with brand new mugs from Been There Series. Here’re the pictures of all six Disney Been There mugs (spotted online today), which proves that the release date is coming closer. I know those are blurry, but what do you guys think so far? I think they look great and I am sure most people will like them. Those who don’t, in the beginning, will change their mind pretty soon (as it was the case with all Been There mugs).… Read more

You Are Here Disney – each land gets the mug?

In the light of the recent release from Starbucks and Disney, it was brought to my attention that this is actually not the first mug dedicated to a specific Themed Land within corresponding Disney Park. Let’s start with California. If we look at the bottoms of California Adventure 2 and Disneyland 2 it turns out, that the first is based on the Paradise Pier and the second is based on the Fantasyland. I’ve combined these two and the newest Disney mug from California together in a collage. … Read more

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