You Are Here – China (Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo, Shanghai)

You probably remember my previous post about China YAHs coming out. We had some bad quality pics of Christmas and one regular YAH. Everyone agreed that the last one is probably Hangzhou. But if you look at the newly leaked pics – it seems like Hangzhou will have a different design. I am now confused which one is real. I tend to believe the last news, since insiders even announced the date – mid September.
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You Are Here – China

It was only yesterday when I complained about no new releases recently and voila, we get some rumors about China You Are Here releases. See the pic? I can’t believe my eyes – Christmas YAHs in June? Really? Starbucks, please have mercy. So far we see three mugs. Two of them are: Shanghai, Nanjing. The third one is hard to identify.
Well, I hope these are not just rumored mugs like it happened to Amsterdam Christmas YAH

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You Are Here Christmas – New York and Seattle

Hello muggers. Can you just imagine if there were more US Christmas YAHs than just Hawaii and Pike Place Market¬†released? Well, look at the picture. It’s hard to believe, but it turns out Starbucks had plans for more Christmas YAHs – at least two – New York and Seattle. God knows why these were never released, maybe it was supply shortage or they didn’t like the design. Is there still a number of New York and Seattle Christmas You … Read more