The Latest Starbucks Mugs

You Are Here – Australia

Have you ever questioned yourself why there are no mugs from You Are Here Series dedicated to Australia? Whats wrong with Australia? Well, nothing, because Starbucks finally started releasing YAHs for “the Lucky Country”. Yes you heard it right. Not one, but five Australian mugs were released recently.
What do we know about this country? Spiders, deserts, expensive. Obviously it is a joke. I would love to visit Australia. One day, one day for sure.
What do we see on the mug?… Read more

You Are Here – Toulouse

Latest news from France! Tomorrow, October 21, Starbucks will be releasing new mug from You Are Here series – Toulouse. This is the fifth YAH mug from France, not mentioning the latest YAH Christmas release.
Toulouse is fourth-largest city in France and is well known centre of the European aerospace industry. The city has an interesting architectural feature – many building are built using pinkish terracotta bricks – which gave it the nickname la Ville Rose (“the Pink City”). No wonder the mug is pink inside and has a lot of pink outside.… Read more

You Are Here Christmas – Prague

Only a month after releasing YAH Prague mug, Starbucks presents a Christmas version of it – something hard to believe. The mug’s plot will be similar to a regular YAH mug with the only difference – all elements will be outlined in gold. We expect to see: Old Town Hall with Prague Orloj, Charles Bridge, a marionette – referring to National Marionette Theatre and accordion for International Accordion Days in Prague.
There could be probably other Christmas elements added, a sock maybe.… Read more

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